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3 Benefits of a Home Inspection for New Construction

Get a home inspector for your new home construction

Purchasing a home can be a huge task, at a time when you may have doubts. Having a home inspection can take away all guess work out of purchasing a home. Carrying out a home inspection during home buying, as well as during new home construction, enables a third party to ascertain if the condition of the property is in the physical condition it appears to be. As far as during new construction, it allows all parties to ascertain that the new home is being built upon solid ground, so to speak, before you move onto the next construction phase. This process makes home inspection very important during through the whole process of the home buying and building process.

Home inspections are an instrumental part of the home-buying process that can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. A home inspection is the visual diagnosis of the present condition of a home. Knowing the condition of a home major systems and its structural components can decide the overall cost of such a property now, and later. A home inspection is necessary because when it comes to property sales, there can be many questions, of what lurks under the roof or behind the walls.

Save Money

Often times, home buyers want to skip the services of a home inspection primarily because of the cost. However, the mere cost of a home inspection can save you thousands of dollars in repairs or renovations in the long run. The cost of a home inspection varies upon the age of the home and size and the various types of home inspection services you need. For example, many home inspectors offer new home construction inspections, radon testing, thermography inspections, termite, pool or spa inspections and more. Be sure you weigh the various options based on your needs with your home inspector.

Keep in mind that though the cost may appear high, however, if you skip out on the expense, you may realize later that getting a home inspection service would have been much cheaper than re-doing the plumbing of the whole property.

There is More to the Appearance of a Property

Although a walk-through of the property may give a home buyer a basic idea of what a property offers, however, it’s almost impossible to know about all the details. The age of a property does not matter here, there can be costly problems unknown to the average home buyer. Buyers may encounter issues with plumbing, wiring, and easement that may not be visible during a walk through inspection by an average homeowner. This is why it is important to get an expert opinion. During a home inspection, the inspector checks and evaluate the condition of the property, the electrical, construction, plumbing, structure, and other important components will be the subject of intense scrutiny by the home inspector.

Good Bargain

A new home during construction - phase home inspections

Getting a home inspection puts the home buyer in a better position to obtain the property at a fair price, and less likely to get hit with huge repairs afterward. A home buyer has more leverage when making negotiations for the property because a home inspector provides a detailed home inspection reporting on his/her finding which the realtor may use to talk the seller down if there are known problems with the property that will require extra money to fix...or ask the home owner to repair or replace them.

In summary, a home inspector gives you the full understanding of the property you want to buy before signing the dotted line. The more you know your home, the easier it is for you to know what to expect in the future. A new construction home inspection can make sure that at each phase, everything is done right and to code before the next phase begins.

You purchase a home that fits within your time and financial budget and mishaps occur but being advised of the total condition of the home will help you to make a more advised home buying decision. Therefore, it is easy to see why it is important to use the service of a home inspector, as it is beneficial and enhances the likelihood of striking a good deal.

Should you have any questions about the various home inspection services mentioned above, please contact A-Action Houston Home Inspection Services, schedule your home inspection now or let us know if you have any questions.

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