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Home Inspection Services - Houston, Texas

Phase I and II New Construction Inspections

     A phase inspection happens at a critical point during the home building process. This inspection documentation will give you peace of mind knowing that your new home is being constructed in accordance with the International Residential Code (IRC) for One & Two Family Dwellings; local building codes; and standards and design specifications. 


     The inspection report will identify sizing, spacing, materials used, location of HVAC Equipment, panel boxes, water heaters, water lines, and plumbing cleanouts. 


      Please feel free to contact us at (713) 730-3151 or email us at with any home inspection questions about new or phase home inspection services. If you are ready to schedule your home inspection, just click on the Schedule Your Home Inspection button and you will be good to go!

Click on the inspection you're interested in for more info!

new construction phase home inspection houston tx

Keep in mind that after the new home is done, there are other inspections that we can do now, or on down the line to keep your home in good shape, should you want to sell, or just to protect your biggest asset.  We provide termite inspections as well as thermography services which are great to detect those hidden pests or structural issues.  We also are happy to inspect your pool, hot tub, spa, septic system as well as .  

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