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Home Inspection Services - Houston, Texas

Other Home Inspections Services - Pool, Hot Tub, Spa

    A pool can be a fun experience for the whole family but if you don't know what you are getting into when you buy the home, it can be full of headaches. Luckily for you, A-Action provides additional home inspection services such as pool or spa inspections. We thoroughly check to be sure the pool pumps work, the liner is in good condition, heaters work well, ensure the electrical outlets are in good working order, inspect steps and ladders for safety, see if there are proper pool cleaning equipment, electric lights, other safety issues and  things outside of the simple visual appeal a pool, hot tub or spa can bring!




     A standard home inspection doesn't include inspection of a private septic system, but not a bad idea to have a separate one done since you never know what is lurking behind the walls. This may be especially imporant when the house has been vacant for some time. In addition, we are NAWT Certified which means we have taken the appropriate training course by the National Association of Wastewater Technicians so we know what to look for past the typical visible and accessible home inspection services.  





     Radon is a radioactive gas which can be found in any home, old or new.  Radon comes from the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water and gets into the air you breathe since it moves up through the ground through cracks and holes in the foundation. Should you have high levels of radon, there are measures in which to reduce the amount, but the methods vary depending upon crawl space or foundation.  Ask us and we will be happy to provide further information. 

Other Home Inspections Services - Septic Inspection

Other Home Inspections Services - Radon Inspection


      Please feel free to contact us at (713) 730-3151 or email us at  with any other home inspection questions or home inspection services as we provide free termite inspections, thermography inspections which detect issues that aren't easily seen as well as new construction inspections.  If you are ready to schedule your home inspection, just click on the Schedule Your Home Inspection button and you are well on your way!

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