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Home Inspection Services - Houston, Texas


     A-Action Home Inspection Group located in the Greater Houston area can help remove some of the stress and anxiety of the home buying process, by exposing defects and other conditions prior to closing, whether it is for a new construction home or a home that is just new to you. A home inspection by a highly trained and impartial professional can help reduce risk and/or bring attention to unanticipated expenses that may occur during the first few years of home ownership.


     We feel that a home inspection helps the buyer make a more informed decision on the purchase of their new home. Purchasing a home is a major step and a full home inspection makes you a smarter, wiser and more informed buyer. We will work for you as an experienced third party professional looking out for your best interest to include home inspection, new construction phase inspectionstermite inspection, deficiencies via thermography technology and other Houston home inspection services such as hot tub, spa, radon detection or septic inspection.


      We not only provide basic home inspection services in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area but also can provide you with a FREE no-obligation 120-day termite inspection. This will be one that you can renew on your own which should give you peace of mind that your new home will be free of any active wood destroying infestation. Further, we can provide a deeper understanding of your home inefficiencies via our thermal technology which can "shed light" on any structural issues, energy deficiencies, pest detection, moisture issues and other issues that are not usually seen by the human eye. 


     Lastly, we also see the importance in new construction phase inspections to be sure that the construction is compliant with any and all codes and design specifications that could cause major set backs to have to go back after the construction is complete.  Please let us know where you are in the construction building phase as we can provide phase I or II new construction inspections.

Residential Home Inspection in Houston, Tx

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      Please keep in mind that we are working in your best interest and will provide you information along with a full report about the home you are buying or selling to keep you in the know of your home purchase or things you may need to do to sell your home quickly.  


     Please feel free to contact us at (713) 730-3151 or email us at with any home inspection questions about new or phase home inspection services. If you are ready to schedule your home inspection, just click on the Schedule Your Home Inspection button and you will be good to go!

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