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Why Pool Inspections are Necessary in Home Purchase

Get your home pool inspected seasonally

A pool, spa or hot tub is an attractive feature to look for when purchasing a new home. If you are not well versed in their equipment and systems, or have the time it takes to run them, then you should contact a professional. A pool inspector can verify if there are any underlying issues beneath the sparkling waters.

Problem Identification

A qualified pool/spa/hot tub inspector will be able to identify potential hazards and repairs. You can expect that the pool inspector will overview the basics of the pool by analyzing the size, depth, age and materials it’s made from. This is called a visual inspection, where they will take into consideration all of the most obvious elements of the pool. They will walk around the area looking for safety hazards. All of the pools safety features such as handrails, ladders, slide and diving board will be inspected to make sure they are properly installed and in good working condition.

After this surface level inspection, they will test the chemical levels of the water. A pool chemical test checks for safe levels of calcium, pH, chlorine and alkalinity. All of these elements need to be in the safe zone in order for the water to be ready for swimmers. (This test doesn’t determine if a pool needs to be repaired or not, since chemical balances change every few days.)

The third part of a pool inspection is the equipment and system inspection. This is where a qualified inspector comes in handy. These systems can be complicated. The pool inspector will check pumps to make sure there is the correct water pressure. They will analyze the pool filtration system, making sure it is in proper working condition. A round of tests will be taken in order to identify any leaks or punctures. Finally, they will make sure the main pool drain is up to code regulations.

Have all pool equipment inspected for working order


Not only do pool inspectors identify potential issues, but they often times can help troubleshoot some of these problems for you. Giving you an idea of what needs to be repaired and when. You should receive the final inspection report with full confidence in a thorough inspection.

Who to call

Living in Texas, it is pretty common for homes to feature a recreational water feature. Since you are going to hire a home inspector to come out and look at your potential new home, why not make sure they are also qualified to do pool inspections as well? This will reduce the number of appointments you need to set up. Utilizing all of the services a home inspector can provide is the most thorough way of identifying potential repair costs when looking to purchase a new home.

Using a qualified pool inspector when looking to purchase a house with a pool, spa or hot tub is going to help you identify potential costs that you could incur if you finalize the purchase. Inspections give a much clearer picture of what the home’s true value is and brings to light any hidden secrets.

Should you have any questions about a home inspection you have had or need to schedule a home inspection for your Houston, Texas home or potential home, please contact us as we are happy to help you.

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