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Know What Kind of Home Inspector You Are Hiring

Home Ownership

Home ownership is a blessing, but before you get to the peaceful, enjoyment phase of the process, you often have to go through the complicated process of buying, selling or building. Whether you are building a new home or purchasing an existing one, both processes require the need for at least one home inspection. This is necessary to be fully informed about the safety and condition of which the home is in. So, since it is a crucial part of the home ownership experience, wouldn’t you want to know that the home inspector is qualified and competent of doing the job well?

Here are some pointers to help you determine if your home inspector is right for the job.


Not all inspectors are the same. You may be surprised that it doesn’t take much to be given the job title. Home owners, builders and sellers need to be aware of who they are hiring to do their home inspections. Gaining a thorough knowledge of the history and experience of your inspector should be one of the main deciding factors in the hiring process. If you are looking for a home inspector to do new home construction inspections, you will obviously have to have someone who is familiar with building regulations and codes. Analyzing the type of experience and the amount of experience for any one home inspection service in the Houston area is going to give you confidence that you are making a fully informed decision.


Credentials for inspection competency can include a wide range of services. When looking up a home inspection company, they should have their certifications, degrees, and memberships posted so that as a home owner or builder, you know if they are right for the job. Having all of these credentials laid out proves the academic knowledge that is needed for this type of work. For each type of inspection, whether it be pest-control, thermal imaging, radon testing or new construction compliance, there are different certifications in which allow the home inspector to focus on each element.


After you have found the person or the home inspection company that looks like they will be able to do a quality job, it is time to find some testimonials of people who have actually utilized their services. Honest testimonials can give a lot of credit to the quality of work done and the ease of doing business with the contractor. These personal statements from customers appeal to the more personal side of the home ownership process, verses the factual side of the experience and qualifications.

Each of these three elements, experience, qualifications and testimonials all play a role in selecting the right home inspector for your property. Based on your need and what you are looking to be inspected, the experience and credentials of the property inspector will weigh heavily on the decision-making process. Overall, you need to be comfortable and trust the service in which you hire because your home is your greatest asset and they are a part of the process to making home ownership a blessing.

Should you have any questions about A-Action Houston Home Inspection's certifications, please check out our credentials or contact us with specific questions you may have. Feel free to schedule your Houston home inspection and get started right away.

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