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3 Way to Green Living in Your Texas Home

The state of Texas has a mission to be a leader throughout the U.S. promoting green living. With many tax incentive plans for various ways of reducing your homes carbon footprint, the government wants to be a big contributor to encouraging homeowners to reduce their home’s impact on the environment.

Here are three ways in which homeowners in Texas can participate in becoming more environmentally friendly, as well as take advantage of tax initiatives and lower monthly bills.

1. The Power of Solar

Using natural energy sources to run your home, such as solar energy, is a more cost-effective way than traditional electricity. The use of solar panels on your roof allows the energy from the bright Texas sun to be turned into electricity that runs your home. Many homeowners in the past have been turned away by the thought of adding solar panels to their home because they look out of place and clunky. As this green technology has improved over the years, so has the look of the panels. Now, they often come in discrete or low profile designs that allow them to blend into the rest of the home. This provides the ability to have a low-cost form of electricity, which saves huge amounts of money over a lifetime, as well has having a green power source that is aesthetically pleasing.

2. Saving Water

Another helpful way in which you can participate in green living in Texas is to practice rainwater harvesting. As there have been more major droughts throughout the country, water has been seen as becoming a more precious resource with each passing year. Rainwater harvesting is the collection and storing of rainwater to be used for irrigation and in home use. For activities such as toilet flushing, laundry, and watering the garden, the use of rainwater can reduce the alternate water supply for an average household by 70%. In Texas, water rain harvesting is a strategic way to reduce the amount of water that is being treated in a plant and at the same time, take advantage of certain tax credits. Collecting water is an inexpensive and natural way to keep you and your lawn hydrated.

3. Geothermal Heating

Many homeowners love the idea of tax incentives as a motivator to become a green household. If you are interested in installing a geothermal heating system, the Texas rebate programs can certainly help in making the decision. This is a natural form of heating that helps to maintain the indoor humidity level in a home to about 50%. Geothermal heating shaves down energy bills and the system pays for itself over time.

The idea of green living in Texas is growing and the state is encouraging homeowners to take the initiative to install green practices into their homes for the benefit of the environment, and the homeowners themselves. The use of solar panels, water harvesting or geothermal heating practices all add up to great personal savings as well, and reduce the use of the Earth’s natural resources.

A realtor can help you to assess the benefits you may receive from the government when you participate in at least one of the programs in the green living movement, while your home inspector will review the installation of such practices to ensure that you are actually buying a house that isn’t going to require tons of money to replace or repair once you move in.

Call A-Action in Houston, Texas with any questions you may have about your home inspection needs and what type of additional residential inspection services we provide such as new home construction, thermography, termite inspections and more.

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