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Benefits of Thermography in a Home Inspection

Thermography is a means to measure temperatures on the surface via still cameras and infrared video. These devices see light within the heat spectrum, that isn’t visible with the human eye. This type of inspection can be done from the inside or the outside. The time of day, temperature and environment can be a factor of the best place to use this technology, though inside scans are more common and typically more accurate. For this reason, the best results occur when there is a larger difference between the inside and outside temperature.

There are various types of thermography inspection devices ranging from a point radiometer which measures a spot at a time; a thermal line scanner which views the temperature variations along a line; and a thermal imaging camera which shows a 2D image in better detail thus giving it more accurate readings.

Thermography detects heat variations thus is able to detect warmer and cooler regions of a house. This might be indicative of moisture issues or where the house is losing heat or air conditioning. If windows aren’t sealed or the attic insulation is missing or deficient, these tools can help detect these problems.

Want to know if the house was poorly constructed, has air or plumbing leaks or even abnormal heat from an electrical system or heating appliance? Then you definitely want to speak with your home inspector about using thermal imaging technology Should these issues go unresolved they can cost you more money in the long run with repairs or lost money slipping through the cracks. Ever wonder if there was a leak in the roof that hasn’t been fixed? Using thermography technology can help detect moisture trapped and before it penetrates through the interior walls – this could be detrimental to your pocketbook and ceiling.

All-in-all a thermography inspection can help add to the basic home inspection and shed light, or heat if you will, on some issues that may be unexplainable within the basic inspection. If there are improper wiring and the thermal imaging camera shows overheating, then it should be clearer what the issue is at hand. Talk over your concerns with your home inspector as they are trying to show you the issues – good and bad about the house you are about to buy.

A-Action in Houston, Tx is such a home inspector that use thermography technology to see what can’t be seen by the human eye. It provides insight into potential structural issues, moisture issues, pest discovery and even energy deficiencies. We pride ourselves on putting the customer first and providing a thorough home inspection report that we will be glad to go over each line item with you if necessary.

Call your home inspector of choice in Houston, Texas for your basic home inspection, free termite inspection, thermography inspection, new home construction phase inspection as well as various other inspections such as hot tub, pools, septic and radon inspections. Call us at (713) 730-3151 today to schedule your appointment.

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