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How To Service Your AC Unit

This Week's Video

In this week's video, we brought over Jeff and Mario the owners of Mairathon AC to help us show you how to service your AC unit. We go over several common questions and give you a step by step on servicing your AC. Let's go check it out!

How Often Should You Service Your AC?

Mairathon AC recommends washing your unit every spring, before summertime to prepare for the summer heat.

Clearance Around Your Unit?

Keep the unit clear at least 12 inches around the unit so it can breathe properly.

How Often Should You Change Your Filter?

You should change your filter at least once a month. If you have pets in your home, you will want to change your filter more frequently, maybe every two weeks or so.

Let's go step by step through the different instructions discussed in the video.

Step 1 - Turn off all the thermostats in your home. This is so the unit doesn't run while you're cleaning the unit, electricity and water don't mix!

Step 2 - Turn your hose on at a low pressure and wash the unit in upward and downward motions until the debris clears. Don't go horizontally, you want to move the hose vertically to prevent the fins from bending.

Step 3 - Before turning your unit back on make sure the unit is completely dry.

Step 4 - Change your return filter

Step 5 - Determine if you have any air leaks in your return in the attic space, just run your hands around the unit.

Step 6 - Next you'll change the filter in your attic space, you want to make sure the arrow on the filter is pointing towards the unit (in the direction of the air).

Step 7 - Keep your primary drain line clear, you can use bleach or vinegar to do this.

Make sure to check out the full video, for the full detailed steps and to learn some more tips and tricks for servicing your AC unit.

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