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Why Do You Need a Home Inspector?

Houston home inspector - why you need one

Home inspection is done more as a check and balance to give you insight into the house that you are looking to buy. Home Inspectors typically check the structural systems, electrical systems, the HVAC, plumbing, the large appliances and other operational systems. This is intended to provide the potential home buyer with the knowledge and background of the home. There are other types of inspections that can be reviewed at the request of the potential home buyer but here is a list, by no means an extensive list, of the checks that are completed by a typical home inspector. Be sure to check out our sample inspection report for a more indepth checklist.

  • The exterior of the home to include the roof, any vinyl siding and brick, foundation, chimneys, windows and doors.

  • While most home inspectors aren’t electricians, most have the training and knowledge and thoroughly inspect panel boxes, breakers, receptacles and ensure all lights and electrical units are all safe and in working order.

  • Plumbing is another issue that if problems exist can cause extreme damage so home inspectors check water connections to waste, water heaters, washers, interior and exterior faucets as well as fixtures such as toilets and showers.

  • Further review of interior ceiling, walls and floors are checked for cracks which can occur from shifting of the foundation or prior damage not disclosed. Another review of the windows and all doors from the interior, as well as the fireplace if present.

  • Many heating and air conditioning units may be old so a careful review of these are essential to ensure that the new home owner isn’t replacing large ticket items upon move in.

  • In addition, all large appliances that will be staying with the home are checked for proper hookup, use and condition. These are, but not limited to, garbage disposals, dishwashers, microwaves, washers, dryers, microwaves, oven, hood, stove, garage door openers, door bell and even the bathroom exhaust fans.

Now that the inspection is complete, home inspectors typically compose a report with the findings and deliver to the realtors for the buyer and seller. This is the time for negotiation where the potential buyer decides what “deal breakers” there are and what they request the current home owner to fix, repair or replace. This could also include a reduction in the price of the home or maybe even walking away from the deal completely.

Either way, the point is to be informed of the situation of the whole house before you decide to purchase it and move into any and all issues that the home may have. I would be remiss in saying that some home owners aren’t completely honest about the current situation of their home, or that there may have been several prior home owners, so getting a home inspection should be a necessity which provides a piece of mind of what you are getting into when you buy a specific home.

There are various other services that some home inspectors provide which can range from pool or hot tub inspection, termite inspections and gas supply inspections to sprinklers, review of septic systems and new home inspections. There are also various tools which can be used to detect issues that are unable to be seen with the eye, such as thermal imaging scanners which are ideal for seeing damage to structures. Be sure to check out your home inspector beforehand to see what they are able to do for you.

Should you have any questions about any of these home inspection services, please feel free to contact A-Action Home Inspection Group in the Greater Houston Area or call us at (713) 730-3151 to schedule your inspection today!

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