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What is Foundation?

Foundation is the raised perimeter that supports your entire home. In the Houston area, the most common types of foundations we see are Pier and Beam and Slab foundations. There are pros and cons to both.

What Causes Foundation Problems?

Because of our weather and climate, all houses are bound to move eventually. All houses settle and this all depends on certain factors. Some other common causes for foundation problems in your home are improper concrete, excessive moisture, and tree roots.

What Should I Look Out For?

There are several signs that might indicate issues with your foundation. You may notice cracks in your walls, excessive water around your home, windows and doors don't fit correctly, and signs of rot. These may all be indicators that your foundation is having some issues. If you notice any of these signs the important thing is not to jump to conclusions, but get a second opinion from a licensed individual, preferably a structural engineer.

This Weeks Video

This week a client reached out to me to give a second opinion on their foundation after they were quoted $4500 dollars in repairs! Check out what we discovered and how we handled the situation. Let's go check it out!

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