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Baby It’s Cold Outside: Heater Safety

Heater safety or home inspections in Houston for central heat

As we start to see the temperature get lower, we can tell that this winter weather is coming to stay for a few months. Now, while Texas doesn't get as cold as up North, it still does get colder compared to the rest of the year and heaters are likely. So, this is the time to plan and make sure you have what you need to stay comfortable in your home. Pull out that space heater, kick on the heater or uncover your wall heating unit to make sure that they are clean and ready to go for when you need it.

Here are some bits of guidance to help you prevent against potential fires in your home that could be caused by the use of heating units.

1 - Check the Cords

One of the most obvious and important ways in which you can prevent a potential fire in your home is to make sure that your cord to the heating unit is in good condition. You won’t want to see any frayed wires or any part of the cord separating from the plastic covering.

2 - Spatial Awareness

This is another of the most helpful and important ways to minimize a risk of fire with your space heater. Make sure that your heating unit isn’t touching or close to blankets, curtains or anything that could potentially catch fire through contact. Being strategic about the placement of the heating unit in the room is not only about effectiveness, but also safety.

3 - Clean and Maintain

Space and wall heaters are a great way to help you stay warm in the cooler Texas months. Both are easy to use or replace, and if you need repairs they are minimal. Before you start using it for the season you will want to make sure that it is clean and ready to go. Clear the vent area of dust and make sure nothing looks broken. You will want to dust off your unit throughout the season as well to make sure that it doesn’t have a chance to overheat any dust particles that could be blown about the room.

4 - Turn Off

The last thing you want to do with a space heater is to keep it on all night long while you are sleeping. Be sure to turn off the unit before you go to bed or have it set on a timer to shut off automatically. This also goes for when you leave the house for work, errands or the like. Leaving on space heaters while you aren't home isn't wise. Obviously your heating unit is a little different but if you are going to be gone for longer periods of time, you might want to adjust the temperature so you aren't heating up and empty house all day or for days.

5 - Newer Models

There are improvements each year on the latest space heater and wall heating units. If you have a heater that is a bit older, it may be a good idea to upgrade. Some heating units now have temperature controls, as well as tip-over safety switches that cause the heater to shut off if it gets tipped over.

Overall, space heaters and wall heaters are a great way to stay warm in the cooler months, over using your central heating unit. As you prepare for the season, make sure not to ignore these safety tips. They are to provide you ways in which you can be fire safety conscious. If you have any questions or concerns about fire hazards in your home or with your heating units, be sure to contact a local home inspector or heating professional.

Should you want to schedule an inspection of your home prior to selling it, schedule your home inspection here as your central heating or cooling units are part of our inspection services.

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