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3 Ways Thermography Home Inspections Can Help

Get a thermography home inspection to save you money in the long run

Home inspections are a must when you are purchasing a new house or trying to detect any problems in your current house. These inspections are to help you, as the homeowner or potential owner, be aware of flaws or further issues in the home. These inspections are highly important if you are a home buyer to truly see what problems might lay beyond what your eyes can see, or what the current home owner (seller) recalls or knows about.

Basic home inspections will review structures, interior and exterior, foundation, appliances and etc but a specialty home inspection that might be handy to see what is where you can't see is called a thermography home inspection. This is a type of home inspection measures the temperatures on the surface using a camera and infrared video. This is essentially a home energy audit or assessment. It measures the energy efficiency of your home as well as leaks, moisture or detect pest infestation

Keep You From Buying

There are some homes out there that can give you more trouble than you bargain for. This is why you have a thermography home inspection in the first place. You want to be able to detect issues before buying. This can either help you negotiate the price of the home, cause you to back out of the offer, or even just know the investment that will have to be made to fix the problem. One of the ways that a thermography inspection can help you save is by revealing issues that may drain your bank account in the near future. There are some scenarios where fixing the issue doesn’t have a great return on investment or it’s just not worth the hassle for a new homeowner.

Save on Energy Costs

Using thermography equipment detects the warmer and cooler regions within the home. This points out the places, such as leaky windows and doors that may be letting your heat escape in the winter. This causes your furnace to work harder than it should. When this happens your energy bills reflect the extra work not to mention the extra wear and tear on the furnace. The same thing can happen in the summer as well, with the air conditioner. By detecting these leaks and cracks, you will be able to increase the energy efficiency of your home and save on your monthly utilities.

Resolve Potential Issues

Thermography technology not only detects places where there may be air leakages, but it can also detect flaws in the very construction of the home, which is essentially where the leaks are coming from. This technology can confirm if your air, plumbing or electrical systems are giving off an abnormal amount of heat. These are things that can be harmful and cause serious damage to your home in the long run. Along with these types of issues, this thermos-infrared technology can pick up on moisture issues and pests. If you have any leaky areas in your roof, they can be detected and fixed in order to prevent your home from further damage and expensive repairs.

Standard home inspections and thermography inspections are worth their weight in gold in the short term and the long term. Should you have any questions about a basic home inspection for a potential new home, your current home to get in front of the home buying process or thermography services, please contact A-Action and we are happy to answer any questions, go over your inspection report or schedule your next home inspection service.

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