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Add Curb Appeal to Your Homes’ Spring Sprucing

curb appeal for potential home sale in Houston

Spring is here and it’s in the air. The energy that comes from the changing of seasons from winter to spring motivates homeowners to get out and clean up their yards. Sprucing up the exterior of the home not only pays off with the satisfaction of having a beautiful looking house, but also in resale value if you are looking to sell your home in the coming months. Curb appeal can play a large role in the overall sale value of a property. It can even make or break the purchasing process for prospective homebuyers. In order for your home to have a fair chance in the running and to get the highest value on the sale of your home, you will want to take into consideration ways in improve your curb appeal.

Think Like a Buyer

People who are in the market for purchasing a home have a critical eye about everything. Taking a stroll around your property using a critical eye will help you to identify problems that a potential homebuyer may see. Make note of any repairs needing to be done, any paint that needs to be touched up and anything that looks out of place. When you take a close look at the exterior of your home, you may see things that you never noticed before. One way to help with this process is a bringing in a third party person, such as a home inspector, to take a professional look at all aspects of the home and identify issues well before putting your home on the market. This can help you, as a homeowner; to know what is going to be the most effective fixes prior to putting your home on the market and give you the time to make those changes in your time.

Check the Roof

One way that homes can look dirty and outdated is the coloring of the roof. Shingles can look dingy, dirty and streaked over time, making the house look unkempt. By giving the roof a good cleaning (or replacing it if needed) it will look newer. Also, if there are shingles missing or weak spots on the roof, those are certainly areas of concern that should be addressed promptly in order to avoid further, costlier, damage to the home. The roof plays a large roll in the curb appeal of a home, so it is an area that shouldn’t be avoided. Not to mention, in the Texas bay area, TWIA has certain regulations that require the roof to be sound prior to them insuring it for the new homeowner.

Think Green

Whether your potential homebuyers are online or driving by, curb appeal impacts all of their decisions. As you know, first impressions can make a huge impact on whether they want to bother to come in so be sure your home fits that need. If the home has an aesthetically pleasing exterior, they are far more likely to explore the interior and make an informed decision about purchasing the home. Adding or sprucing up your landscaping this Spring will help give off a better first impression of the home. Shrubs, trees and flowers add character to the outside of the home that is welcoming. Plus, this is a great time to get wonderful blossoms for pictures and onlookers. Maintaining landscaping makes the home look well taken care of and more appealing from the street.

Stepping outside your home this Spring to improve the curb appeal of your home will help make it a more enjoyable property to look at and will help build the re-sale value this year. Sprucing up the exterior of the home gives off great first impressions to potential homebuyers, putting you as a contender for making that first and/or final offer.

Should you need a Houston home inspector to review your home prior to putting your home on the market or an inspector for a home you are buying or selling, please contact A-Action Home Inspection Group for all of your inspection needs. Reminder, we also provide various other inspection services like radon, thermography, pool and spa as well as termites and new construction phase inspections. Contact us today.

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