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How Your Home Inspector is Like Your Doctor

Typically, a house is the largest asset that a person owns. Taking care of it is one of the homeowner's main responsibilities, in order to have a livable dwelling for them and their family, for years to come. Just as people are advised to get a routine checkup at the doctor, a home also needs a ‘checkup’ of sorts, to make sure everything is running properly and that it is well maintained. People have medical doctors, while houses have home inspectors who check on the overall well-being of the home.

There are many of the same elements that go into finding a quality home inspector as there are when it comes to selecting a medical doctor


Trusting a home inspector to do a thorough job is most likely to be the number one key factor in a hiring decision. How do you know if you can trust them? Search the home inspector's website to see if they know what they are talking about and call them with questions. Talking to the home inspector themselves will give you a good idea if they are legit and worth hiring. Just as you only want to be seen by a doctor that you trust, you only want an inspector searching through your home that you trust as a professional.

Word of Mouth

Talking to other homeowners, buyers, sellers, or a realtor and asking if they have any recommendations for a quality home inspector in your area will be a great way to hear of others' experience. People who are constantly on the front lines of buying and selling homes often hear all about every home inspection. If you know someone personally in your area who might be able to recommend an inspector, this will give you more confidence as you make your hiring decision.

Like a new parent asking their friends who have kids to recommend a pediatrician, it’s nice to know people who have gone through the same experiences and have firsthand knowledge. If you don’t know anyone you can ask, look at online forums that rate businesses and look for people’s testimonies, as they have hired specific inspectors.

Overall Check

Going in for an annual checkup at the doctor, you expect for the physician to test and examine your body thoroughly to make sure that you are functioning properly and have no signs of potential issues. As you expect this from your doctor, you can also expect it from a home inspector.

There is a whole checklist of things that an inspector is to check for to make sure that your home is healthy and safe. They will look at the overall structure, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems, insulation, ventilation and so much more. Every detail of the home needs to get an overall check. The home inspector will either give you a passing grade or may “diagnose” an issue, just as your doctor would.

Caring for your largest asset, your home, does take some initiative. Finding a home inspector that you can trust to do a thorough, quality job is going to take some time in either doing research or finding people with opinions you trust. Just as you would want to have full faith in your medical doctor, you want to have the same feeling when you bring an inspector into your home.

Hopefully we provide you value on a regular basis whether it is via our blogs of information, social media with help and tips or our professional advice. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you are ready to schedule your home inspection for your Texas home, please schedule that right away!

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