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3 Benefits of a Residential Pool or Spa Home Inspection

An inspection of a residential pool or spa is vital to ensure your safety and the longevity of the pool or spa in homes to save you more money in the near future. There are three main aspects that are part of this type of inspection that encompasses the entire pool area. Having your pool or spa pass an inspection adequately will allow you to know that you have minimized your risk of potential injury due to malfunctioning equipment or unsafe conditions as well as undue financial stress sooner than later.

1. Equipment Operation

Part of the pool inspection will comprise of a close look at all of the equipment used to operate your pool or spa. This will include the motors, pumps, filters, heating equipment and anything mechanical that goes into making your pool or spa run as it should. This equipment will be checked for clogs in the filtration system, leaks in lines, safe heating of water, electrical, proper filter pressure systems, leaks in the liner and other functioning parts. A pool inspection will give you a good gauge of the safety, efficiency as well as the longevity of your equipment. This should assist you with knowing whether future repairs are needed now, or if complete replacement of equipment or liner is necessary.

2. Safety Equipment

With any pool or spa it is required that you have emergency saving devices on hand. A pool home inspector will be able to verify if you have up-to-date life saving devices and if they are easily accessible in an emergency situation. The hope is that you never have to use this type of safety equipment, but it needs to be handy on the off chance that it may be needed.

The electrical equipment would be something of concern to be sure a potential of fire or other damage isn’t to occur to include the operation of all electric pool lights above or under water. The steps will be inspected for cracks and be sure they follow any regulations as well as the presence of a sound and working ladder for safety.

3. The Surrounding Area

As important as the pool or spa is, the area that surrounds the pool or spa is also crucial to the safety of the swimming or spa area as a whole. Making sure that spa and pool regulations are followed around the grounds will minimize your risk of injury. With an inspection, a professional home inspector will be able to determine if you are compliant with all of the regulations regarding pool and spa safety or will give you specific instruction in how you can improve your situation before the sale of your home. This includes everything from the fencing down to the sidewalks, which will be reviewed so that you have an all-around low risk pool or spa area.

Passing a pool or hot tub inspection

In order to pass a pool inspection, you must have all of the proper equipment present in good working condition. This means there can be no broken or missing pieces. Plus, there must be well-working filtration, heating, cleaning and lighting fixtures to give you good marks. The safety equipment must be in close proximity to the swimming area and you must have well-maintained space around the pool. All of these things should be looked at closely prior to inspection so that you can pass it the first time.

Annual pool or spa maintenance

Keep in mind that a regular pool or spa inspection is a good idea for any pool or spa owner to make sure that they know what risks are involved with their pool and that they are compliant and their equipment is within proper working order. An inspection will help give you confidence that you have minimized your risk of having any injuries related to neglect, resulting in equipment malfunctioning. Getting your residential pool or spa inspected is what is best for you and for all people that come in contact with your pool or spa.

Contact A-Action Home Inspection Group for your next pool or hot tub/spa home inspection service. We are happy to provide this additional service when we come out for your Houston home inspection. Keep in mind we offer various other home inspection services such as a free termite inspection, septic, radon, thermography and new home phase construction. Call today at (713) 730-3151 to schedule your residential inspection services.

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