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Why Do I Need a Home Inspection?

Why get a home inspection when you are buying a new or a previously owned home?

why you need to get a home inspection for your Houston home

When you buy a home, it is something that you may be paying for over 15-30 years and potentially living in it for same so you want to ensure that you aren’t repairing things the minute you move it. If you aren’t interested in spending the $300 - $600 dollars on the home inspection, then the only thing you should consider is this – should we move into this house in this condition, are we willing to accept the cost any repairs needed from the day you sign the contract and/or move in? If you are comfortable with that, then by all means, skip the home inspection; however, most people will want to know what the condition of the house is.

Think of the last car you bought. Did you take it for a test drive? Did you look under the hood? Did you check to see if the car had been in any accidents? This is the similar process of a home inspection. The home inspector will go through a vast list of checks to be sure all things are in working order and to code.

Realtors recommend you get a home inspection

Typically your real estate agent will recommend a home inspection and this opens up the opportunity to negotiate the selling price as well.

If homes are older, there may be more issues, or things to be considered. This is a prime opportunity for you to determine if they are something you want to deal with after the move in, whether you would like the seller to compensate you and you still make the repairs or if you want to request the seller to make some necessary changes. Again, this is part of the negotiation of the selling price.

What does an inspection include?

The typical home inspection includes checks of the structural systems, electrical, heating and cooling systems, basic plumbing and the major appliances. The home inspector will provide a report with each item within each of these systems that were checked or not checked and what deficiencies there were with the system. Typically, it is an in-depth report explaining the code and how things should be in comparison of how your home inspected as well as pictures that show what the home inspector found so you have an idea of what was found.

Should the home include a pool or hot tub, there are inspections that will review those systems as well. Thermal imaging is a tool that some inspectors can use to determine insufficiencies in the home that aren’t seen by the human eye. Should you need and want other inspection services, they are available and could include termite inspection, septic or gas supply, radon detection and new construction phase inspections.

Should you be interested in more information about home inspection services for your Houston or Galveston County home, please contact or call on A-Action Home Inspection Group as we can service all of the above noted inspections.

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