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Home Inspection Services - Houston, Texas

Stucco Inspections

      A standard home inspection does not include the inspection of stucco. A stucco inspection is a series of tests and analyses performed on a home's interior and exterior surfaces to determine moisture levels. Because of stucco's permeability it's  important that it's installed properly. 

Stucco is a type of siding, it is cement based and provides a seamless finish on a wall. Many different textures and colors can be achieved with this material. 

Why Does Stucco Leak?

Water leaks are a very common problem with stucco in areas where seasonal rain is the normal, like Houston. If water gets behind stucco it will  soften the areas it comes in contact with, which can eventually cause the  stucco to break away and fall off in sheets.

Sample Stucco Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a discount if this is added to a Home Inspection?

    • Yes! There is a discount if you book this with  an  inspection.

  • What will you be doing? 

    • We use the standard industry practices for conducting stucco moisture inspections, which will include the use of a “penetrating probe meter” in an attempt to determine the moisture content of structural wood behind the stucco. Two small holes will be drilled, about an inch apart, and roughly the diameter of a pencil in various locations of the stucco in order to conduct the inspection. We typically need to test areas on each wall section, wall penetrations, roof and wall intersections, and other vulnerable areas. These small holes will be sealed with an appropriate sealant after the inspection is conducted (color and texture match cannot be guaranteed).    

  • What tools will you be using?

    • Infrared technology to help locate active moisture behind the wall, a hammer drill to drill the pin holes in targeted locations where moisture is prone to accumulate, Mirror to help see tough to reach spots, and a ladder

  • Will the client attend?

    • The client can attend if they like. The inspector will call 1 hour before completion

  • How long will it take to get the report?

    • The report will be emailed to the client by the end of the day. 

  • Anything else we need to tell people? 

    • Some people think the drilling into the stucco comprises the stucco, the inspector is trained on how to properly seal each hole to prevent future issues. 

  • Also, the listing agent should know that we need a signed release from the seller. If the release is not signed we cannot complete the inspection 

    • If the client wants visual only it is not recommended but we will reduce the price a $100 

  • When Can I Schedule This?

    • 9am and 2pm 

     Please feel free to contact us at (713) 730-3151 or email us at with any thermal imaging or infrared imaging inspection questions or general home inspection services. Keep in mind that we also offer free termite inspections, new construction phase inspections as well as inspections on any pool, spa, hot tub, septic system or radon testing.  If you are ready to schedule your home inspection, just click on the Schedule Your Home Inspection button and you will be good to go!   

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