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Kids Go Back to School – Homeowners, Don’t Forget to Do Your Homework

kids go back to school, home owners should too with their home maintenance

As summer is dwindling away, families and teachers are gearing up for the upcoming school year. This means getting students totally prepared for what is ahead of them this school season. The long shopping list of school supplies, new school clothes for the coming school year and the backpacks make for many shopping trips as the summer session comes to a close. Going back to school is a start of getting back into a routine that includes sports and homework mixed in to the rest of daily life.

As you prepare your students for the school year, fall is the perfect time for homeowners to get their own homework done. The coming of the school year is the precursor to the changing of seasons. A homeowner’s homework involves the preparing of the house to be ready for the upcoming fall and winter months. Just as buying new school supplies and clothing prepares students for a successful year of study.

How homeowners can do their homework

Here are 4 different facets that come with preparing your home so that it runs efficiently during the upcoming season.

Inspect: This is the first step in the homeowner’s homework process. Do a thorough check of your entire property to identify any areas that need special attention. Check the gutters, furnace, window and door seals, filters and alarm batteries to name a few.

Replace: The next phase of this process is to replace anything that isn’t up to par. Replace the batteries in the fire alarm, seal the leaks in the windows or doors, change out the A/C filter. By replacing what can be replaced, you will make your home more energy efficient as well as safer.

Fix: Now there maybe things that you can’t just replace. Some things around your property may need to be fixed or repaired in order for them to work effectively. For this, be sure to hire someone who knows what they are doing. When it comes to a furnace or dangerous tree limbs, it is not worth taking the risk upon yourself in order to solve the problem. Don’t be afraid to hire a professional to get the job done safely and correctly.

Clean it up: Aside from replacing and repairing things, there are areas around the home that may just need to be cleaned up in order to run properly. This could be clearing out debris from the gutters, or cleaning out the chimney. This can include cleaning up the yard to rid it of dead grass so that new grass may grow freely or even fallen limbs.

As you prepare your students for a fresh start this fall, get your own homework done so that your home can be prepared for this upcoming season. Doing these things before the fall schedule sets in will take a few more things off of your to-do list later.

These things would be especially important if you are planning on moving out in the near future. It is just setting you up for less hassle or to-do's when you place your home on the market and face the home inspector who will check everything with a fine tooth comb. Feel free to have an inspector check out your home ahead of time so you can get on the laundry list of house repairs or replacements well in advance. You'll thank yourself later.

Otherwise, should you need to review our sample home inspection report or schedule a home inspection, we would be happy to do that for and with you. Contact A-Action, your Houston home inspection professionals.

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